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The Detective steps out of the shadows, their weary eyes looking out over the city. They put on a creased and faded Hat, and walk into the night.

It’s time to get to work.

Fedora Noir is a table-top roleplaying game for four players. It’s GMless, diceless, and takes about 2 hours. And it’s noir as hell.

One person plays the Detective, the main character of our story.

But here’s the catch – that player doesn’t get to say what the Detective thinks. That’s the Hat’s job.

Whenever the Detective says or does something, the Hat narrates their inner monologue. How does the Detective really feel when they push their Partner away? What memories can’t they shake when they see the Flame? What do they tell themselves in their loneliest hours?

As the Hat narrates the Detective’s thoughts, memories, and feelings, they provide a voiceover for the story in classic film noir fashion.

The other players play characters important to the Detective’s life – their Partner and their Flame. With a few simple set-up questions, you create a wealth of personal conflict for the Detective and the people in their life. People who can help the Detective. Or betray them.

Everything you need for online play

Story Synth is a platform that emulates using cards at a table so that you can play with your friends online. One player sets up a room and shares the link with the other players. 

Fedora Noir is now available for purchase at Less Than Three Games.

The full version of Fedora Noir is printed on a deck of gorgeously illustrated cards. It includes  pre-made settings and gorgeous character art.
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Fedora Noir on Story Synth